High Efficiency Stoves

Portway Stoves are amongst the cleanest, most efficient and most easily controllable stoves available today.

Our multifuel stoves have been specifically engineered to be simple in design, easy to use and still produce the lowest levels of carbon monoxide emissions, making them exceptionally clean burning.

Portway stoves use a single pre-heated airwash system to keep the glass window clean. The design is so cleverly simple that there is no need for the second, and in some cases, third airwash system included by other stove manufacturers to provide a clean burning product.

We also now offer a Direct Vent Kit which will allow yo to draw the correct amount of ventilation directly to the stove without the need for any additional draughty and unsightly air bricks. Please ask your stockist for further details.

Portway solid fuel stoves have been approved using the most sophisticated research and test systems in the industry and our design success can be merited to 150 years of experience and a dedicated team of research engineers who are amongst the brightest in the industry.

Each stove is made from 96% easily recyclable material and all cast parts, such as doors and grates, are manufactured from 70% recycled iron.


Wood - the most renewable, carbon-neutral energy source.

A tree will use up more carbon during the course of its lifetime than is produced when it is burned.

Wood is stored sunlight. Burning wood can never emit more carbon gas into the atmosphere than the tree took in while it was growing. So, as long as we keep planting trees to replace the ones we've cut down (and in Europe, we more than do) then 'biomass' like wood is the only genuinely carbon-neutral fuel you can burn. Wood is the most environmentally friendly energy source available today. Plus it is economical, as it is still the cheapest fuel type available.

Portway multifuel stoves are capable of burning a wide range of natural and manufactured fuels.

Both hard woods and soft woods can be used to fuel our stoves. They will also burn a number of other fuels such as peat, straw, sawdust briquettes, anthracite, lignite and most natural or manufactured mineral fuels. Please refer to your Portway stove installation instructions for more details regarding the best type of fuels to enhance the efficiency and performance of our solid fuel stoves.