Do you have a Little Hide Away, why not keep it warm in the winter with our Portway Marine Stove. Don’t let the name fool you this stove can be fitting into a number of other locations other than a Boat. Solid Fuel Stoves can be the ideal choice for heating your Shed, Summerhouse, Huts, Static Caravans and Small Buildings. The issue is that they need to be installed with great care.


Here are some of the reason to take care when installing:

• Chimneys can often be too short to generate the up draught needed to carry poisonous fumes away, make sure they are straight and insulted to keep the hot so they can rise.

• If the building is wood it is combustible and so the area round the stove, needs protecting with insulated panels.

• As most Small Building are not used often, it is important to make sure the flue and air inlets are clear of blockages.

• The person fitting the fire isn’t competent, then they should not fit the stove.

• Making sure the stove is the right size (kW) for the space, e.g. A hut that isn’t insulated and 5x4x2m = 6kW.

• Maintaining the stove and flue, it is very important to look after the product.


Things you must have in place after the stove is fitted:

• Carbon Monoxide Detector is a must and in most cases a Smoke Alarm is worth installing.

• A vent is needed, as fresh air allows the stove to burn safely.

• Fuel is to be stored in a defined space e.g. a basket or box.

• A fire extinguisher, if something goes wrong as in most cases small buildings are made of wood and they would ignite fast.


Our Marine Stove is a great product to go into Small Buildings. It is built with its own ventilated hearth, this allows it to go directly onto a wooden floor. Also has heat protective panels built into the side, which means it needs only 150mm clearance from combustible products.